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Find the cutest doodle stickers in our web shop to decorate your journal, planner, post cards, favorite notebook or whatever you want! Everyone loves stickers. They are colorful, happy and will definitely brighten up your day. Gladys P. Nuts is specialized in character design, doodle art and everything kawaii. Are you looking for cute stickers? Then you are at the right place!

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Decorate your planner, water bottle or laptop with adorable doodle stickers

View the cute doodle stickers in our assortment and discover the different categories we have at the web shop. Do you want super cute stickers, prints, sticker sheets, planner kits, or postcards? We have them in all different kinds! Overload your life with cuteness and stick a colorful unicorn or adorable red panda on your notebook or journal. Or let the turtles with junk food or pandas with sushi brighten up your day. Let them come to life and make your diary or planner cuter than ever.

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Discover which character is your favorite

Check out all the amazing designs we have in stock for you. All the doodle and Kawaii stickers in our web shop are hand-drawn and handmade, so please allow for tiny variations between each set. The doodle stickers from our web shop are intended for indoor use only. Did you find your perfect character in our assortment? Order easily online and you will receive the stickers in three business days when ordering from the Netherlands. Other countries in Europe take about five to ten business days an in the USA it takes five to twenty days. Contact us by either using the form, chat or mail to